Mar 5, 2010

Food For Thought Friday

Butternut squash. As much as people love it, they hate it.  When it comes time to peeling the thing, it has a rep for being hard to work with, stubborn, and an over all pain in the you-know-what. Sound familiar? 

If peeling vegetables were a video game, butternut squash would be the Boss level. I have had my fair share of battles with the butternut squash, vegetable peeler in hand… and I end up being the one getting peeled. So Instead of going out and purchasing steal mesh gloves, I came up with a game plan. I started by cutting off the top and bottom of the squash, then cutting it down the middle lengthwise. Here is a video (so cool right?!?!?!) of what you need to do next to avoid serious injury and beat the butternut squash. All you need is a cutting board, a horizontal vegetable peeler, and Nora Jones… no steal gloves necessary. 

The Practicing Foodie Peeling a Butternut Squash

TADA! So that’s your food for thought Friday! Tune in again soon to see what happens to the butternut squash next!

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